Dawn has been talking about getting a new car for the last three years.

English spelling bothers many people.

Tobias used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day.

I didn't know you were here.

Both of them are busy.

Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.

How much beer people drink largely depends on the weather.

She was sent to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period of time.

Sylvia loved concerts.

Knapper usually walks to school.

They took French classes for 3 months when they were in Paris.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

What've you done for me?

My name is known by everyone in our town.

Piet is a world-famous bus driver.

Joon has never eaten horse meat carpaccio.

Check, please.

This message is for her.

To keep holding the barrier up is just to wait for death! So we're going to go out past the wall and counter attack the enemy, you ready!?

Kurt wants to see the house Serdar grew up in.

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Kieran says I'm a bad influence.

Kristi was invited.

We're relaxed.

He was seduced by Merton.

I regret having done such a thing.

Terry wanted proof.

Thunder has been explained scientifically, and people no longer believe it is a sign that the gods are angry with them, so thunder, too, is a little less frightening.

I'm not satisfied with the structure of this sentence.

Shaunae Miller won the gold medal in a dramatic fashion after diving at the finish line.

The complaint is under investigation.

How many bats are there in this cave?

He's read a lot of books.

What do I expect from life?

You have not seen her.

Henry is old enough to support himself.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Who's your favorite Disney cartoon character?

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Do you have any apple pie today?

Ilya said we needed to keep trying.

Pamela is painting his house.


Clyde's not feeling well.

It isn't fair.

For many books, the covers are too far apart.

We won't start the meeting until Miek comes.

Jesus loved Darci, but she didn't love him back.

I had high hopes for Clarissa.

The meat spoiled because of the heat.

An option is now under consideration.

Siegurd closed the door quietly and tiptoed into the room.


"She asked about you." "About me?"

He's been passing off my ideas as his.

The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature.

I didn't like the interface of that operating system.

Hurry up! We are waiting for you.

Bush won all the wars he fought.

I won't let you go there.

In university towns, people are constantly coming and going.

I'll go let Izumi know.

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He seems to be a typical American boy.

The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.

Do not misunderstand my words.

Don't distract me from studying.

Honesty does not always pay. Such is the way of the world.

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He objects whenever he wants to.

I was listening to my iPod, so I didn't hear the fire alarm.

You'd make a cute couple.

Tharen sat on the floor.

Don't throw it away just because it's broken.

He's offended at the slightest thing, he takes exception to nearly everything we say to him.

The sky today is blue, without a cloud.

I'm not stealing it. I'm just taking it back.

The first fully electronic computer was developed near the middle of the last century.

Have you eaten your dinner already?

He is generally at home in the evening.

He has enough willpower.

Could you talk to her for me?

Can I get a little assistance here?

The teacher has a loud, clear voice.

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Bush respects human rights.

Complete the following form to know who you could have been in a previous life.

Alain is the human protagonist of the novel.


Mechael is a real hard worker.

Miniskirts have been out of date for some time.

In due time, his innocence will be proved.

The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.

Alf walked in and looked around for Niels.

I'm feeling pretty good.

That was our biggest accomplishment.


Miami is the biggest city in Florida.


The allotment is inadequate.

The aim of this policy is to improve the environment in the poorest cities.

What hotel are you staying in?

It was an advantage having learned Chinese while I was in school.

I understand the museum is closed on Mondays.

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If it's a simple piece of music, I can sight-sing it.

I've spent a lot of time in casinos.

No one laughed at Starbuck's jokes.

I can not stand that noise.

The police were very cooperative.

The mother wakes up her daughter.

I visit him every other day.


We must obey.

I'd like to talk to you about what happened.

Tell Willie that I don't want to talk to him.

Away with you!

Kelvin told us not to do that anymore.

Judy ignored the question.

She corresponds regularly with her pen pal in Australia.


There was blood on the floor.

Mah is quite irresponsible.

I'm pretty sure that what you want won't cost more than thirty dollars.

No one fires until I give the order.

I was puzzled about what to do next.

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Are you going to attend ceremony?


"How are you?" "I'm great, and you?" "I'm great also, thanks!"

Let's see if Sarah has any questions.

Take off your clothes.

Jon is asking me for a divorce.

You seem pretty preoccupied.

You ought to have come here earlier.

They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

He caught Shutoku.

Franklin didn't lift a finger to help.

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When Justin Bieber started his music career, he was fourteen years old.

How did you determine this?

Warren took off his overcoat.

I always thought that Stefan and Kuldip would get married.

Can I buy only the lenses?

May I take a rest?

A great number of people were killed in a moment.

They teased each other.

No one agreed with her.

Do you have much to do with your neighbours?

The bribery came to light.

The baseball game was called off due to rain.

I heard that Francois doesn't know how to swim.

Jarvis just happened to be on the same bus I was.

Everyone must memorize these words.

How's school going?

We were both a bit drunk.

The famous Tower of Pisa is now so seriously off plumb that Italy is taking special measures to keep it from collapsing.

Tanya certainly goes to bed early.


Hindus form two camps: those people that believe that one does not lose one's individuality at "moksha" and those people that believe that one does lose one's individuality at "moksha."

Just because something is legal, it doesn't mean that it's ethical.

Bill stopped smoking.


The number seven is bigger than the number four.

We needn't have called the doctor.

Think of your opponent as nothing more than a handful of ash.


In Nagoya summers a fan is essential to help stay cool.

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He aimed, but missed.

The school adopted the new method of teaching English.

I knew it was you.

No one did anything but dance.

He worked as a truck driver in Norway.

The baby is still screaming.

Did he say something?

Which is easier to read, this book or that one?

Emil doesn't usually drive to work.

The destruction of the ozone layer affects the environment.

There are people who like the summer and people who like the winter.


Lynne is washing his hands in the sink.


This is very good indeed.

Keiko deftly piles up the dishes and takes them to the sink.

You should stop reading romance novels.

I bought the wrong size.

We asked you not to do that.


The army advanced up the hill.

She has a roll.

Men's and women's hats for sale.

I'm taking this week off.

Go and talk to Cathryn.

Pria is about as old as Emmett is.

It's a serious problem.


He was surprised to learn this.


The time is ripe for a drastic reform.